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 Travel to Japan, Summer 2010

June, 2010, I flew to Tokyo, Japan. During my vacation, I visited Tokyo Japan's Disneyland, and traveled throughout the city to historic locations. I rode many rides at Disneyland, including the Thunder Mountain and It's a Small World! Japan's sushi was fresh and fantastic, and I loved it. I ate squid and I ate shrimp and scallops. It was all delicious! We went to see the largest lantern in the world, it was as big as a house! I met many of my relatives, including my Grandfather (Gigi) and Grandmother (Baba). Grandpa and Grandma in Japanese is Gigi and Baba. I also spent time with my wonderful uncle Tetsue, who took a lot of time off to spend with me. My Grandma is a great cook and her dishes are the best in the world. My Grandpa is a smart businessman and is loved by everyone.


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